Advanced Group Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and those around us.


    Employee safety is our number one priority.
    Our work sites are considered amongst the safest in Australia. We employ risk managers that regularly visit sites and conduct safety assessments, and are available to consult clients on how to improve site safety.

    Our clients experience:

    • Minimum risk
    • Savings on premiums
    • Effective return-to-work outcomes
    • Regular risk assessments of work sites
    • Detailed registers of potential hazards and corresponding control measures
    • Safety orientated candidates
    • Employees who are “fit for work”
    • Efficient incident management, reporting, and investigations
    • Instantaneous reporting
    • Regular safety audits of our safety system


    Think Safe, Work Safe, Go Home Safe.

    Our employee initiatives include:

    • Safety focused selection processes, including interviews and reference checks
    • Pre-assignment medical screening
    • Safety attitude surveys
    • Safety inductions and training (online and on site)
    • A signed workplace code of conduct agreement
    • Injury management/return to work program
    • Safety booklet and personal Safety Card
    • Dedicated text, email, and online safety reporting system


    Safety at work is not something that just happens. It requires commitment. Individuals must be committed to their own safety and to the safety of those around them.

    This includes:

    • Being aware of all the hazards that you may be exposed to and understanding how they may affect your health and safety
    • Understanding the role Advanced Group Services expects you to take in regards to safety
    • Knowing correct manual handling techniques
    • Knowing what to do in emergencies


    • Never undertake any job that you believe is unsafe
    • Always seek advice or source information if you are unsure about a safety issue
    • Never act in a way that may put you or someone else at risk
    • Always obey safety information and warning signs
    • Become familiar with all safety symbols that you are likely to encounter
    • Always follow any applicable safe work procedures and practices
    • Always wear any required personal protective equipment
    • Never tamper with guards, shields or interlocks on tools and equipment
    • Become familiar with substances that you use, read the labels and whenever necessary, the material safety data sheets
    • Finally, only use equipment and other items for the tasks they were designed for


    Advanced Group Services is committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees. We do not want any of our employees to be injured.

    We expect each employee to be responsible for his/her own safety and, as a team, to look after each other. Safety is everybody’s responsibility and you are expected to play your part in maintaining the health and safety standards at any workplace you go to.

    Click here to download our OH&S Policy

If you have any concerns in relation to your safety at a workplace, or your assigned role changes in any way what so ever, contact your Advanced Group Services consultant immediately on 02 8086 3444.

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