5 Reasons to Hire Staff from a Labour Hire Agency


Hiring a new staff can be both a costly and time-consuming task, so leaving it to a team of professionals may well be the ideal way of securing the best possible outcome.

When you’re under the pump in a highly competitive market, working around the clock to ensure your project does not fall behind, it can seem like an impossible task to look at hiring extra staff. Labour hire takes away this stress and provides you with fully qualified, experienced tradies and specialised labourers at a moment’s notice.

It is therefore no surprise that businesses new and old are outsourcing the recruitment process to experts who know the sectors they work within like their backs of their hands.

If you are considering using a Labour Hire Agency for the first time but want to learn more about the benefits? Check out our latest blog for five reasons why companies can benefit from using an agency.

Save time and money by removing the recruitment process

Hiring staff is a huge job, the recruitment process from start to finish is time consuming and on-boarding is expensive. Everything from advertising, interviewing, shortlisting, reference checking and screening involves a lengthy administration process.

You can increase your productivity by outsourcing the recruitment process to an agency that are the experts at this and who recruit every day for a living.

Agencies have access to an extensive database of construction staff, diverse professional networks and the latest and most efficient recruitment technology to ensure they are able to source exactly the right candidate for your open job positions. In other words, you can hire the best candidates much faster and at a price that you can afford.

Trial different skill-sets

In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal candidate is not easy. Sometimes you may even be unsure about which specific role you need to fill. Labour hire helps you bring in talent on an as-needed basis, allowing you to work with various skill-sets and create the solution that works best for you.


Labour hire is totally flexible, so you can engage new staff at peak times or at short notice to ensure you meet deadlines.  A major benefit of using Labour hire is that you can scale down your workforce during the quieter periods, once the project is complete or work starts to slow down. A flexible workforce reduces the risk of budget blowouts and increases business profits.

Pre-vetted, fully briefed and experienced candidates

Labour hire workers are reference checked, pre-vetted and highly experienced. They also arrive on site ready for work, having been fully briefed on the role, safety protocols and equipped with appropriate PPE gear.

When you partner with a labour hire agency you can be very specific with the type of worker you require in terms of experience, background and skills. Most labour hire agencies will send you workers that have been assigned to other work placements and so will have an understanding as to their capabilities and whether or not they are reliable.

Gaps can be filled immediately

Laboure hire agencies exist to provide an efficient service at the drop of a hat, this means quick placements and fast responses to all your requests.

Simply let us know the key job requirements and we’ll get to work immediately sourcing candidates from our large talent pool. In order to place an order for staff, most labour hire agencies will take a detailed job description including location, duration and specific competencies and skills required to ensure they provide you with the exact labour your require.

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