How to Choose the Right Labour Hire Agency to Work With?


The labour hire industry is relied upon by countless Australian businesses to deliver quality candidates at short notice. This is especially true for the construction industry, where it can be difficult to source skilled workers on a whim. If you’ve been thinking about engaging a labour hire agency for the first time, you may feel a little uncertain about how to go about the process. To put your mind at ease, Advanced Group have prepared a brief post which will help you make a confident and informed decision when deciding which labour hire agency to work with.

Choosing the Right Labour Hire Agency – Essential Considerations

You’ve probably got a few labour hire agencies in mind, but keep in mind that not all labour hire companies will suit your needs. Agencies often specialise in providing staff for a particular industry or role. At Advanced Group, we are specialists in Construction and Civil Works. Once you’ve homed in on the right agency for your industry, you should consider the following.

Top Qualities of a Great Labour Hire Agency

Industry Knowledge

Those in the construction industry know all too well the challenges of finding skilled workers. With such huge demand and limited supply, you’ll want to make sure you are working with a labour hire agency with in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and a proven reputation for providing quality candidates. Advanced Group is one of Sydney’s leading recruitment agencies, and with a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the construction industry we will help your business remain on track for success.

Strong Communication

Excellent communication skills are essential in the recruitment industry. Advanced Group aim to build strong professional relationships between both clients and candidates, and we are always open to suggestions and feedback from both parties. We take the time to source high quality candidates who are an ideal fit for your business, and we check in regularly to ensure your satisfaction.

Health and Safety Focussed

Construction work is not without its dangers, and at Advanced Group we have a strict health and safety policy in place to ensure the safety of our workers. This involves clear communication of the policy upon commencement with Advanced Group along with ongoing training, compliance duties, measurable objectives and targets and the provision of all necessary PPE gear. We make no compromises when it comes to safety.

Tailored Service Offering

At Advanced Group, our recruitment specialists are fully committed to your business needs. In taking the time to learn about your business and the roles you need to fill, we can quickly secure fully qualified, experienced candidates at short notice.
All staff provided by Advanced Group are:
• Qualified and Background Checked
• Experienced in a range of construction roles
• Hold all relevant tickets and licenses
• Equipped with necessary PPE gear
• Health and Safety Focussed

Look After Their Staff and Candidates

Great candidates are the lifeblood of the recruitment industry, and any reputable labour hire company will show their appreciation by offering fair and competitive wages (often above award rates), bonuses and the recognition they deserve. We care about our staff and candidates and will do everything we can to retain them and ensure their satisfaction.

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