How to Successfully Start A New Job Remotely


If you have been fortunate enough to land a great job during recent months, chances are you will be working remotely for part of your working week, if not all of it!

If the company you are starting with has a lot of remote based employees, the transition is likely to be smooth.  However, if the company isn’t familiar with remote working, the onboarding process might be a bumpy ride.

The first day of any job can be daunting, but starting a new job remotely can present many different challenges. How can you get it right, and start your new role with confidence?

Prepare yourself for onboarding with a difference

It is likely that onboarding will take place via zoom, which will be very difference to any of you past experiences. Preparing yourself for this is important, make contact with the HR department prior to this happening. Ask a series of questions that will enable you to plan better and make sure you are clear of the way they are currently handling the onboarding process.

Focus on building strong relationships with colleagues

When you start a new job, by day the end of the first week you have normally met all your new colleagues on a face to face basis. Given that you’re working remotely, this is going to take longer and require greater effort on your behalf. Set aside time each week to arrange virtual coffee catch ups with teammates so that you can slowly get to know them on both a business and personal level. Try out communication software like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts. Use these tools to communicate with your teammates, even if it’s not always work-related.

Clearly clarify expectations

Open communication with your manager and teammates is vitally important, especially if you are starting a job that wasn’t intended to be remote. You won’t be in the same building as your team, so ensure you have a clear list of the types questions that would normally be discussed at your desk. This shows you are engaging in your new role, and helps you quickly come to grips with anything you’re unsure about. Be sure to discuss and define goals with your manager and set a personal development plan that can be reviewed once you have settled into your new role. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and you are able to reach your full potential at work.

Create a comfortable workspace

  1. Pick the right spot in your home where you are going to be the most productive
  2. Set up proper lighting by sitting close to window or invest in a floor lamp to provide extra light in the room
  3. Make sure your workspace is conveniently located near a power outlet, or look for a multi-plug extension cord so you can plug in everything you’ll need—computer, phone, printer—at the same time.
  4. If at all possible, it’s best to avoid working in your bed. Otherwise, you’ll begin to associate your bed with work and may have trouble falling asleep at night.

Understand communication styles

It’s essential to discover how everyone in your team prefers to communicate so you know whether you’ll be contacting them via Slack messages, email or Zoom meetings. Until you get to properly know how your team and manager, adopt a neutral communication style. Carefully considering your words before speaking means that you are more likely to be understood.

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