Top Qualities to Determine a Great Construction Worker


Whether you are a business owner looking at hiring or are a construction worker who wants to become more employable and thrive in a job, some qualities and skills go a long way towards success. While working in the construction industry may seem fairly straightforward, an employee with a mix of skills and qualities can collaborate over various construction projects because of their unique abilities.

We want you to be successful in your field and demonstrate all your skills and knowledge with a potential employer. As we explore these skills and traits every construction worker should have, we are sure it will prompt you to discover how many of these already relate to you and assist you in getting a highly rewarding job and doing your best once employed.

Skills and Abilities to Help You Shine

  1. Hardworking

It may seem like an obvious point to share; however, it cannot hurt to remind you that you must work hard to succeed in the construction industry. Working hard is a skill/trait that will take you a long way in whatever industry you work in and is a crucial factor in you being an asset to the company progressing in your career.

  1. Coordination & Dexterity

Good coordination and dexterity go a long way toward assisting you on the job. Apart from being a physically demanding role, such jobs require a lot of sitting, standing for long hours, lying down and the ability to move arms and legs quickly and accurately.

  1. Willing to Learn

This is a skill to be treasured in any industry, especially in sectors that are continually evolving. New methods, tools, and techniques are learned to complete jobs most cost-effectively and the least difficulty possible in construction. If you show a willingness to learn and you engage in understanding new methods and techniques, then you will be a valuable tool for teaching others in your team. This is especially important if you wish to move into more senior positions.

  1. Listen and Follow Instructions

In any industry, and especially construction, you will find that a critical trait an employer is looking for is the ability to listen. Having the ability to following directions and instruction is enormously appreciated in the construction industry. This is because you are often liaising with various stakeholders such as engineers and architects whose vision needs to be created.

  1. Physically Fit

When we refer to being physically fit, we do not mean you need to be a marathon runner or bodybuilder type of fit. We are just referring to the fact that it is a physically demanding job, so you need to have the stamina to carry out the tasks on the job site. At least 50% or more construction jobs will require heavy lifting, so working on the job site with a bad back isn’t going to suit.

  1. Excellent Time Management

Most employees want to hire someone great with time management with the ability to meet deadlines and prioritise their work schedule. This is relatively crucial in construction where projects rely upon a range of stakeholders needing to access a property or other tasks at certain scheduled times. While it is standard for construction sites to experience delays, employees that don’t manage their time correctly will only add to the issues.

Bonus Skill – Sense of Humour

While not essential to your role, it is one quality that can help you through long days and hard work. You are often outside working in the elements such as under the scorching sun or rainy days. Reality is, you get dirty, and it can be hard work, so building relationships with your colleagues through laughter can help build morale on the more challenging days.

What Next?

You’ve got the skills and qualities for the job, and you’re starting your first day, where to from here? It is most important now that you apply these abilities within your workplace. Come with us as we look at how you can do this and continue to move forward in your newly acquired role.

8 Top Tips for Being a Great Construction Worker

  1. First Day Introductions

It’s your first day, and you want to make an impression. The best quality you can have for this is to introduce yourself properly to your site manager. Shake his hand, introduce yourself and listen attentively to any instructions and direction they give.

  1. Ideas and Suggestions

Being proactive by offering practical suggestions can look great from an employers perspective. If you have an idea that will help do things more efficiently then speak up and suggest it, the worse that can happen is that you are told no or get a resounding yes!

  1. Go the Extra Mile

Be flexible in what you are prepared to do on the site and do more than is required. This demonstrates to your employer that you are willing to work hard, are responsible and are eager to do more than asked of you.

  1. Be Proactive

Being proactive will look different for everyone, but this may merely be anticipating problems and suggesting ways to fix them in the construction field. It would be best if you didn’t go about changing anything without first consulting your site manager because there may be safety implications. However, if you see something that needs to be done that no-one is doing it, go ahead and do it yourself, even if it is just cleaning up.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback is a sure way to show your initiative with your employer because it demonstrates that you are willing to grow and learn. Being able to receive feedback without taking it personally but using it as a tool to improve is a great skill to have and will help you move forward in your role.

  1. Never Bad Mouth the Company

Never bad-mouth the company you are working for, even if it doesn’t work out. It doesn’t matter who you are talking to, being negative about your workplace is a sure way to be fired and develop a reputation that isn’t positive within the construction field.

If you are interested in the construction field, these are just a few of the great qualities that will help you succeed in your role. Using a range of skills and possessing positive qualities will demonstrate that you are willing to learn, are open to suggestion and want to be a hard worker which are all great attributes as an employee.

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