Why Labour Hire Should Be Considered As An Employment Alternative


The process of finding employment can be one fraught with difficulties. The job market is competitive, so just because you have qualifications does not mean you will find work immediately as you start your search. It can be beleaguering applying again and again for the same types of positions with no luck, and even if you score an interview you may not make it through the entire screening process. If the situation described above is familiar to you, it is certainly worth investigating the labour hire market as an alternative to traditional job applications.

Why should you consider signing up with Advanced Group Labour Hire?

  • Employee Screening: You will be screened by the labour hire company after you submit your CV to them. This means they can find employment opportunities that are most appropriate for you. You do not have to worry about bluffing your way through job interviews you are not qualified for because your application will only be submitted to jobs that are suited to your credentials and experience.
  • Free Contacts: Applying for jobs through a labour hire agency takes away the necessity of making contacts organically. Labour hire companies have contacts that they can put you in touch with according to your preference. What this means is they will have a list of jobs they think are appropriate for you and you can select which to apply for before sitting down with the employer or employers for an interview.
  • Worker’s Benefits: There are better benefits available when you are hired through a labour hire company. For example, at Advanced Group Services, we provide each of our recruits with training opportunities and opportunities for personal growth and development.
  • Ongoing Opportunities: Once you have finished your job to completion, there are always opportunities to take on-board further training and to become employed on other projects. We provide these options to our star recruits at Advanced Group Services.
  • Flexible Working Arrangements: Labour hire companies are traditionally very flexible with working arrangements and we are no different. We can offer full-time, part-time or casual employment depending on your circumstances. If you are working full-time and looking for additional work outside of regular hours, simply call us and we can help. At Advanced Group Services, you call the shots.
  • Proper Pay Cycles: You do not have to worry about jumping through hoops to get paid when you are employed through a labour hire company. They will take care of all the bureaucratic work and ensure you are paid via bank deposit each week. This provides superior peace of mind to clients who are employed via a labour hire agency like Advanced Group Services.
  • Work When You Want: As mentioned in point 5, labour hire agencies can offer dynamic working conditions that allow you to work when you want, for who you want. You are under no obligation to work constantly, simply get in touch when you are willing to get back on-site and we’ll arrange a contract for you.
  • Work Locally: Labour hire also allows you to work locally. A lot of trades sector positions require workers to travel to remote areas to work on construction projects. At Advanced Group Services we will put you in contact with local employers who are working in Sydney. You will not have to venture too far from home to get to work when you are recruited by Advanced Group Services.


Contact Advanced Group if you are applying for labour work with no success. We are based in Randwick and have a wealth of experience recruiting in the labour hire sector. Call our recruitment specialists on 02 8086 3444 to book an interview and to start on your journey towards employment.