When you work with Advanced Group, you can expect quality, quick fuss-free responses, reliability, flexibility, trust, professionalism, safety and hands-on construction knowledge.

Our aim is to work in partnership with you, delivering skilled construction workers to your site so you can get back to business.   Working with Advanced Group you will enjoy:

  • Rapid placements and fuss-free responses to your requests
  • Reliable, hard workers with the best fit, first time
  • Exceptional, personal service, at an affordable price
  • Hands-on construction backgrounds and local construction knowledge
  • Quick access to a wide range of construction skills and experience
  • Increased productivity and smooth integration of our workers with your team.

Our clients tell us they keep coming back for the efficient, cost-effective, trustworthy and personal service we provide:    

we’re committed to delivering our service at a price you can afford

Recruiting the best workers

Our proven recruitment methods give you quick access to a diverse, highly skilled and dedicated workforce. We constantly talent map the best skilled labourers and construction workers in the market, locally and internationally, so we can deliver the best skills when you need them. Our process is reliable, rigorous and proven.   Our experienced labour recruitment consultants source potential team members from our existing database of candidates, and through a variety of trusted channels from personal referrals and industry networking, to meta-search engines and social recruiting. Our consultants are well trained to quickly identify a potential candidate’s skills and expertise to determine if they’re the right fit for your needs. Rest assured, when you call us needing workers, we’ll have the right person ready to go.

Rigorous reference checking

Our labour recruitment consultants assess, reference check and stringently vet all potential team members we find. This includes face to face interviews, a thorough background check and reference investigation. They compile a short list of potential candidates, based on our understanding of your requirements, and handle all communication with them.   Rest assured, we never settle for second best when selecting skilled workers. Our people are our best asset. So, we not only search for a strong work ethic, proven skills and experience, but a close alignment with our values. We accept nothing less.

Inductions and career progression

To ensure all of our workers are fit for the role and deliver outstanding results they complete online induction training and additional skills training to overcome gaps identified in the recruitment process. Our training programs are run in-house and off-site by trusted third party training providers. All of our workforce must also supply certificates of qualifications and, at a client’s request, complete onsite competency training to ensure that skills linked to certain licenses are current.  

Monitoring safety on site

Keeping our workers safe on your project site, every day, is our focus. Our goal is to minimise safety risks and make sure our workers arrive home safely, every night. Our HSEQ manager and labour managers work together to achieve this. For instance, we can conduct a worksite risk assessment when you move to a new project site to identify likely risks and issues, and provide solutions to mitigate them. We then follow up this initial safety inspection with regular site visits by our labour managers.

Personalised account management

Providing a professional, yet personal service and teamwork is for what we are renowned.   When you first meet us, our sales representatives work to build an in-depth understanding of your business, its labour needs and your expectations. They share these insights with our labour recruitment consultants who source the right people for your project. Once selected, and your project begins, one of our labour managers becomes your relationship partner and central contact point. He/she works closely with you, continuing to build the relationship by regularly visiting your work site to see how the project is progressing, how our workers are performing, whether any additional workers are required and to conduct safety checks and discuss upcoming projects.   For our relationship to be successful, teamwork is essential. So we also give you on-call access to our sales representatives and labour managers. It’s just another part of the quality, personalised service we provide.

Processing payroll

There’s no payroll hassle and cost for you at Advanced Group. Our team manages all aspects of payroll from weekly pay, to payroll taxation services and group certificates. All of our workers are paid in accordance to the Building and Construction General and Onsite Award 2010, and our electrical workers in accordance to the Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2010. All you have to do is sign our workers’ timesheets at the end of each week, or at the end of the project, so we can process their wages each week. To make it easy for you, we send you one simple invoice to each of your project sites every week for processing.  

Arranging superannuation & Insurance

You no longer have to worry about superannuation responsibilities and insurance payments (including workers compensation, professional indemnity and public liability). We take them off your hands. So there’s less stress, and you save time and money.  

Regular performance reviews

Your ongoing satisfaction with our workers is critical. So, our labour manager will regularly contact you to get feedback on each worker’s performance, and on your satisfaction with their skills, experience, productivity and work ethic.   outcome. So one of our sales representatives and your labour manager will meet with you, at least annually or as often as you would like, to get your feedback on all aspects of our labour hire and recruitment service. The great benefit it that we get to understand your

Our Team's Memberships

Advanced Group is a member of the Master Builder’s Association, which helps us to deliver superior quality outcomes for our clients by keeping our people updated on a range of issues from changes to laws, codes and regulations to employment and wages, and work, health and safety issues.   ”We’ve worked with Advanced Group for several years. They’re one of the most professional and efficient labour hire and recruitment teams we’ve ever dealt with, mostly because they always go the extra mile, and nothing is ever too much trouble.   What we appreciate most is the personal service – they take the time to understand each business so they’re able to match the right person to the job, first time. What’s more, they share our dedication to safety and training. For quality, excellent customer service and efficient contractor management I’d highly recommend you work with Advanced Group. You won’t be disappointed.” Matthew Hughes, Trainer and Assessor, Master Builders Association

Continual improvement is our goal

Our integrated management system is audited every six months by a third party against the following standards:

ISO: 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems To improve customer satisfaction, increase management effectiveness; identify our clients’ requirements; effectively develop and document operational procedures, as well as implement and update core quality procedures.

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems To help us identify and manage environmental impacts, track our environmental performance against defined objectives and targets, prevent pollution, to ensure we comply with the expectations of our clients and the community, and to ensure continual process improvement, review and compliance with relevant environmental legislation.

AS/NZS 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems To ensure we comply with OH&S policies and procedures, to help us identify and assess workplace related hazards and their associated risks, to develop emergency preparedness and incident investigations, to ensure that we conduct effective OH&S performance reporting and regular OH&S audits, and that we comply with relevant OH&S legal requirements.