Exceptional quality service is what you will experience with Advanced Group. Our service promise to you is genuine, guiding the actions we take and the decisions we make, everyday.

Always putting safety first

At Advanced Group we accept nothing less than a safe working environment for our staff, both in-house and at our clients’ work sites. Our HSEQ manager is responsible for the wellbeing of all of our staff. Her key job includes overseeing the quality of the safety training we provide, working with our clients to minimise safety risks on site and monitoring the adherence of our integrated management system against the AS/NZS 45001:2018 standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management. (This is also assessed independently every six months by a third party.)

Delivering the best solution every time

There is a simple formula for our success: Listening to our clients and responding quickly to their needs with the best solution. That is what we are renowned for. Fully understanding your needs and expectations, and sourcing the right person with the best skills, experience, qualifications and licenses to meet them is what you will experience, at minimum. Our four-hour replacement policy is testament to our commitment.

Sharing our insight with you

Our team has over 25 years’ experience in labour hire and recruitment. What’s more, our sales representatives and labour managers have construction industry backgrounds, and our labour managers have also worked in a trade. So, they’ve worked on sites and know your industry and what’s required to deliver an outstanding result. They also understand the labour market in your sector and have the required insight to know who’s best for the role, based on years of experience.

Responding to invoice queries within 24 hours

Nil invoice issues is a key performance indicator for our team. So it rarely occurs. But we’re only human. So if issues arise you can expect a response and resolution within 24 hours.

Respecting your confidentiality and privacy

It goes without saying that we respect and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your information. Any information we do collect from you, whether in person or by phone, mail or email is held in the utmost confidence, and never shared with a third party, except if required by law.

Delivering personalised, responsive service

Personalised, responsive service is for what we are renowned. Being there to take your call, or responding to an email for quick queries or longer consultations is what we do, during or after business hours, or on the weekend. And should your labour manager be absent for any reason, another labour consultant will respond immediately.

Continuously improving our service

We are driven by, and committed to, continuous improvement. So, we welcome both positive and negative feedback at any time. Being a true partnership, we want to make your experience with Advanced Group the best that it can be. And then work harder to make it even better.