At Advanced Group, we focus on getting to know you and supporting you in your career. That’s what makes us different. Our labour managers get to know you inside out, treat you professionally but like a friend, and make sure you’re happy with the work you’re assigned. We know from our hands-on experience in the construction industry that when we look after you, it makes all the difference to a job well done. Then everyone’s happy: You, our team and our clients. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy the Advanced Group difference. Register with Advanced Group today, forward your resume or give us a call. We look forward to having you join us.

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Why our team loves Advanced Group

Matthew Draper

Thank you Greg for finding me a job so quickly, and for going above and beyond to keep me in work over the last few months. I can’t thank you enough for making sure I had work each week, i’ve been on a few big sites and have gained different skills along the way. Great company, who also pay on time every week without any issues.

Brian O’Neill

When I started working for Advanced Group as a civil labourer in August 2013 I was an overseas-qualified plumber. My labour manager really encouraged me develop my skills further so I gained my Cert II and Cert III in Rail Infrastructure as well as Rail Industry Safety skills. The next year Advanced Group sponsored me and I’ve been working with them ever since.  I can’t thank them enough for making my stay in Australia so worthwhile.

Callum Jones

What I like most about working with Advanced Group is the way they support and encourage you to further your career. I started work as a general labourer and over time they’ve upskilled me and found me some really challenging roles, from demolition to remedial work. Plus, they really care – they’re always there to help you and all of the staff treat you like a friend, not just another employee. I’ll always work with Advanced Group, because they’re the best employer by far.

Kyle Moore

I’m so happy being part of the Advanced Group team. I’m a qualified carpenter and from the moment I met the recruitment team in the office I felt relaxed and at home, because they made me feel welcome and answered all of my questions. Since then, I’ve worked on many jobs on various sites around Sydney. I’m a really dedicated worker and I feel even more appreciated when my labour manager calls me every morning to make sure I’m at work and to ask how my day is going. I wouldn’t be anywhere else.


If you want to be as happy as these labourers and tradespeople, register now or contact us on 02 8086 3444.

You’ll be glad you did.


We want you home safe, every night. So, apart from your satisfaction, your safety is our top priority. From the day you step on to the work site, you’ll be well trained in up-to-date workplace health and safety practices, well briefed in our client’s safety requirements and well prepared to identify safe and unsafe work practices.


From the moment you join our team we have your back. We listen to your needs, understand the work you like doing now, and what you’d like to do in a few years’ time. Best of all, we pay you well and place you on some of the most exciting construction projects that are close to where you live and easily accessed by public transport. We expect high quality results for our clients. So, your labour manager monitors your performance, every day, by keeping in close contact with our client’s project manager and visiting you on site, to see how you’re going. When you work hard and do a great job, we’ll reward you well. That’s what we’re renowned for.


When you work with Advanced Group, we make sure that you walk on site fully equipped to make a difference. For a start, this means fully briefing you on the client, their business and the job you’re about to undertake. It also means our recruitment consultants or labour manager can help you to brush up on a trade or learn a new skill by recommending the best training course for your needs. By growing your skills we can keep you in work during quieter times of the year and help you progress your career.


You’ll have access to our strong network of Advanced Group clients. These include a wide range of small to medium sized construction companies and builders who are searching for people just like you. You’ll be assigned to a labour manager who’s worked as a labourer, and understands the challenges of finding work and keeping you in a job. Your labour manager will match you to the right job and work with you to find a variety of challenging jobs to keep you motivated and focused. Regardless of where you live we’ll find a job that meets your needs, and those of our clients’. That’s what we’re good at.