Accessing quick reference tools and guides

We’re so excited you’ve joined Advanced Group. Welcome to our team. We’ll make sure the jobs we place you in are as rewarding, challenging and exciting as we’ve promised. To make it easy for you and to keep you updated with what’s happening you can access everything you need on this page. From day to day tools, monthly newsletters and quick guides on anything from what to expect on your first day, to when to contact us, safety tips and how to make sure you’re always working! Don’t forget to call us if there’s anything else you need on 02 8086 3444 from Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.

safety comes first

Quick guides

  • You’ll receive all job details the day before you start on a new site. Make sure you save the site supervisor’s mobile number into your phone so you can contact him when you arrive on site, if you’re unsure where to go
  • Plan your journey the night before you start and please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow for delays and to make a great first impression
  • Arrive on-site wearing your Advanced Group supplied safety gear, every day (steel-capped safety boots, hardhat and high visibility vest)
  • Always have your white card, a photo ID and any other relevant construction tickets with you
  • We will always contact you to make sure you’ve made it on site, so please check your phone or better still, contact your labour manager to let him know you’re on site
  • Never walk off a site without telling the site supervisor or phoning your Advanced Group labour manager
  • If you’re going to be late, please phone us on 02 8086 3444 or contact your labour manager and we’ll call the client for you.
  • Don’t forget your timesheet: download timesheet
  • Make safety your priority by reporting all unsafe working conditions to your Advanced Group labour manager
  • Never put yourselves or those around you at risk – if you can’t remember how to do a job safely, ask your supervisor
  • Always wear your high visibility shirt and safety gear in the work zone and protect your eyes and ears from intense noise and vibration
  • Know the equipment and vehicle blind spots in your work zone, and stay away from them. Never remain in an area near working equipment if you’re not needed
  • Before starting work on a new site familiarise yourself with the jobsite safety plan so you know where it’s safe to walk or stand
  • Be extra vigilant of your surroundings and those around you when using power tools. Make sure tools are in proper working condition and return them in good, clean working order.
  • You’re asked to perform work that’s not part of your job description
  • Working conditions are unsafe
  • You have been injured on site
  • Get your timesheet signed by your site supervisor
  • Call us if your job will continue the next day
  • Call your labour manager to confirm where you’ll be working next

Call you labour manager:

  • When you know a job is due to finish
  • If your availability changes
  • When your skills are upgraded

We’ll do our best to keep you in constant work so in return, please work hard and be reliable, on time, and respectful to our clients, every day.

Timesheets are your guaranteed payslip – and your responsibility – without a signed timesheet we can’t pay you. It’s that simple! So:

  • Keep your timesheet with you every day you’re working
  • Ask your site supervisor to sign it at the end of each working week or when your job finishes (if you don’t, you’ll probably have to go back onsite to get it signed!)
  • Scan and email your timesheet to or fax it to (02) 8079 6646 (We don’t accept photos of timesheets)
  • Pay is processed on a Thursday and will reach your bank account on Friday
  • Submit your timesheet before 5pm on a Monday (any your wages may not appear in your bank account until the following week)
  • Contact the office on 02 8086 3444 if your bank details change, or if you have any questions about timesheets or your pay