Casual Labour Hire – Is it Right for You?


1 in 4 Australian workers are casual workers, and this type of employment is becoming more common due to the benefits it affords both businesses and individuals. Young people particularly appreciate the ability to enjoy a balanced work and social life, along with parents and those simply seeking increased flexibility. Working under a labour hire arrangement brings a lot of benefits, as you will be provided with a steady stream of work whilst gaining valuable skills and experience. In this blog post, Advanced Group will be sharing some insight into casual work so that you can get a better understanding of whether it is right for you.

Positive Benefits to Casual Work
Aside from enjoying great work/life balance, there are a number of other benefits to casual work in construction. Here are a few of them.

1. Higher Rate of Pay
Casual workers receive a higher rate of pay than permanent staff. This is due to casual loading, with the increased pay being given in lieu of annual leave, sick leave and redundancy pay which only permanent staff receive. You can generally expect to earn around 25% more on top of your fixed hourly wage.

2. Quickly Build Skills and Experience
Casual work can give you exposure to a wide range of roles and companies, helping to broaden your expertise and making you stand out within a highly competitive job market. Some roles may last for a few months or weeks, whilst others may last for a few months or more. Your recruiter will keep in contact and offer new work as it becomes available, and the decision to get involved or pass on an opportunity is entirely up to you. This is also why casual work can be a great choice for people looking to enter the workforce, as it provides the perfect bridging platform.

3. Students, travellers and parents
If any of the above titles apply to you, then casual work may be the right choice as it affords the flexibility you need to engage with your studies, travel far and wide or look after your children. You can take on work which suits your schedule, and you can quickly pick up work in construction and labour hire throughout all of Australia.

4. Improved Job Satisfaction
The routine of a full time job can get to you after a while, but with labour hire every day is exciting and different. Surveys have repeatedly found that casual workers report increased job satisfaction and improved wellbeing. Whilst some may prefer the security of a full time job, it is clear that the younger generation are favouring increased flexibility in their careers.

5. Forge Strong Industry Connections and Build Friendships
During your time working under a labour hire arrangement, you will meet a wide range of industry professionals and colleagues, not to mention building a strong relationship with your recruiter. This will benefit you throughout your working life.

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