Hottest Labour Hire Jobs in Sydney


In recent years the construction industry in Australia has seen massive expansion across all of its major cities. In Sydney alone, big projects such as NorthConnex, WestConnex, Sydney Light Rail and the Barangaroo project have seen a huge increase in construction jobs in Sydney and increase in the demand for qualified and experienced workers in the construction industry.

So far, 2020 has been a challenging year, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic having damaging effects on many in industries. Luckily for the construction Industry in Australia, the effects have been minimal and the NSW Government is now looking to accelerate the construction of 24 key projects, including six schools and thousands of homes, in a bid to boost the state’s economy and create jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the projects have the potential to create almost 9500 jobs during and after construction and inject more than $7.5 billion into the economy

Labour Hire jobs that are in high demand in NSW

The ongoing investments into commercial, residential and infrastructure projects will significantly improve the job prospects for a variety of construction workers in NSW. Some of the top trades that are currently in high demand:

Carpenters Carpenter jobs are a vital requirement for most projects. Advanced Group have seen carpenters with the correct skills and experience securing on-going work for up to 2 years, based on one major project.

Bricklayers A Bricklayer is probably one of the first trades that comes to mind when you think about construction. Bricklaying is a skilled trade and an important part of the building process. There are different types of licences available in NSW that will increase the chances of finding long term work.

Electricians – Electricians are the most common trade that we are requested to provide. The demand for Electrical Labour hire in Sydney has increased and with a strong focus on heavy industrial and specialised experience, skilled electricians are in a good position to secure work on some of Australia’s biggest projects.

Formworkers – If you’re a Formworker in Australia, you’re in a great position to secure work with some of the nation’s leading contractors – with top rates on offer for high quality candidates. Advanced Group have current vacancies for Formworkers on current and upcoming projects.

Concreters – Major infrastructure projects underway in Australia are expected to lift demand for Concreters.  Clients typically look for concrete workers that are experienced in concrete, formwork, steel fixing, pre-cast construction and earthworks.

And they’re not the only jobs that are in high demand

Advanced Group Services are also experiencing an increase in demand for Skilled Labourers and Civil Labourers who have experience working on major projects. Skilled Labourer jobs in Sydney are in high demand and many of the top tier construction companies are hiring from Advanced Group.

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