How To Boost Your Chances Of Landing A Job In 2021


It can be frustrating and challenging trying to find a job that is right for you at the best of times. During the middle of this global pandemic, potential employees have more pressure than ever to really hit the mark when applying for jobs. At Advanced Group, our recruits often ask us what they can do to boost their chances of landing a job. We have prepared the following guide to help prospective applicants do their best when it comes time to apply.

It may feel like your endless applications are being sent into a black hole when you do not get an immediate reply from recruiters or human resources management. However, there are real people receiving your applications who do see your profile. Recruiters generally have a large stack of resumes to carefully select good candidates from, so it pays to prepare accordingly and really make your resume stand out.

Be Selective About Where You Apply
When you are unemployed and looking for work, it is tempting to apply for jobs that offer an attractive salary for a little more experience than you have. The only problem is with doing this is that you may not actually be qualified for the job. Applying for construction jobs that are not a good fit for your level of experience decreases your chances of becoming employed. You will probably receive a better response to an application for a job in construction you are qualified for than one you are not, so do not waste your time applying for something that requires experience you do not have.


Keep Your Job Search Organised

When you are perusing job vacancies and there are many available, it is always better to be organised with your applications. You can use career hubs like Seek and Indeed to save job advertisements and evaluate them later. By segmenting your application time into three stages you can improve your efficiency as you apply and make sure you really hit the mark with each application. Start by saving a list of jobs you think are a good match for you. Then, evaluate each job advertisement to make sure you are truly a good fit for the position before spending time writing cover letters and sending applications.

Save Time Filling in Applications
As you probably know by now, applying for work takes a long time. You can save time by filling out a profile on job sites like Seek and Indeed and applying automatically. This will ensure your documents are formatted properly and are easy to read by the recruiter looking at your application. Research shows that people who apply with a pre-filled CV have a 24% higher success rate of receiving a positive response from employers.

As well as these three tips, you should always ensure your resume is up to date and a perfect match with any online profiles you have. Call your references before you apply and let them know you are looking for work so they can expect a call from prospective employers. Do some volunteer work while you wait to hear back from employers because this is attractive to potential employers. At the end of the day, remain confident that you will find something. Recruiters love confidence and will reward it.

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