Infrastructure update – Government invests $93 billion into Infrastructure


It’s an exciting time for the construction industry in NSW, with the NSW Government having committed $93 billion which will go towards essential infrastructure over the next 4 years. This is the single largest infrastructure investment ever seen in the state, and the majority will be allocated towards road and rail projects with the rest going towards schools, hospitals, energy, water and housing. As specialists in civil works, we are pleased to have a number of civil construction workers on many of these projects, helping to shape the future of NSW. If you’re a skilled worker and are keen to get involved, please call us today so that we can register you on our database.

Below you will find a brief overview of the four main projects, including their benefits, cost and estimated time of completion.


Sydney Metro

Cost: $12.5 Billion

What is it: The Sydney Metro is Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project. It is a rapid transit system which will consist of 31 metro stations and 66 kilometres of new metro rail, with services between Tallawong and Chatswood currently operational. By the time it is completed in 2024, it will run from Chatswood to Bankstown, travelling beneath the Sydney Harbour and CBD.

Key Benefits:

  • Change the way Sydneysiders get around by providing fast, frequent, safe and convenient access to a reliable train service.


  • Unlike buses and trams, rapid transit systems such as the Sydney Metro have exclusive right-of-way. This means that pedestrians and other vehicles will not delay the journey. With an average frequency of around 10 minutes, passengers can simply turn up and go.


  • The service will introduce a much-needed line to the Northwest Hills District, and it will also function as a second harbour crossing. Sydney Metro will be of particular benefit to school students, professionals, holiday makers, sportspeople, those running errands and people enjoying a day out taking in everything Sydney has to offer.



Cost: $16.8 Billion

What is it: An underground motorway 33-kilometres in length designed to renew and transform key centres of Sydney through which it passes. It will link Western and South Western Sydney with the CBD, airport and Port Botany. Estimated for completion in late 2023.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved safety, speed and reliability when travelling across Sydney
  • Significantly reduced congestion and reduced traffic on local streets
  • Increase access to Western Sydney
  • Opportunity for urban renewal
  • Increased access to employment opportunities in key hubs across Sydney
  • Creation of more than 10,000 jobs


Western Sydney Airport

Cost: $5.3 Billion +

What is it: A new domestic + international airport for Sydney, located in Badgerys Creek. It is scheduled to commence operation in 2026, and will be a curfew free airport which also caters to freight services.

Key Benefits:

  • Meet growing tourism demands and aviation needs
  • Provide employment opportunities for people in Western Sydney
  • Create more than 28,000 direct and indirect jobs
  • Generate economic activity
  • Curfew Free Operation



Cost: $3 Billion

What is it: A 9 kilometre motorway tunnel due for completion in mid 2020. NorthConnex will connect the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga to the M2 Hills Motorway at West Pennant Hills, removing approximately 5,000 trucks from Pennant Hills Road daily and greatly improving Sydney’s transport infrastructure. It will be the longest and deepest road tunnel in Australia.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to drive from Geelong to Newcastle without a single traffic light
  • Improved safety and more reliable travel conditions
  • Alternative access to the CBD for residents of Sydney’s north
  • Significantly reduced congestion on Sydney’s busiest roads
  • Improved traffic flow along Pennant Hills Road
  • Economic benefits


Advanced Group – Specialists in Civil Works

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