Labour Hire vs Internal Recruitment


There are many good reasons why a business might turn to labour hire rather than internal recruitment. Not only does it save money and free up your time to focus on the projects that matter, it also means you get to benefit from a larger pool of applicants. As a leading labour hire company in Sydney serving the Building and Construction, Civil Construction, Demolition, Electrical and Rail industries, Advanced Group have access to a wide range of highly skilled personnel. Here are a few reasons why labour hire is a better alternative to internal recruitment.

Free up your time

When it comes to large projects, time is of the essence. By engaging labour hire you can focus on meeting deadlines and communicating with stakeholders, not worrying about the hassle of paperwork and finding the right people.

Get the right people for the job

When recruiting internally, it is not always possible to find suitable personnel. Whilst internal recruitment can work for general positions, there are many jobs that require specialised skills. We have a large pool of talent, and all workers have previous experience in the jobs you are hiring for. You can rely on us to find the best people for the job.

Ready to work

Our people arrive ready to work, having already been fully briefed on your company and the specific job requirements. They are ready to hit the ground running and help you meet looming deadlines.

Good for company morale

Your permanent employees might have been with your company for a while, and they may have become set in their ways. By engaging labour hire you will introduce new cultures, experience and ways of doing things into your company. This is good for company morale and will result in increased performance from your employees.

Quick and Efficient

Advanced Group have access to a wide range of skilled labourers and specialist workers who are eager to work. Whether you have a small residential or big commercial project, we can source people quickly and efficiently.

We support your business

We take the time to understand your business and your specific needs. Our professional approach and expert understanding of the local labour market has made us a leading choice in labour hire. We want to see your business thrive.


Using labour hire saves your business money. Internal and external recruiting is not a cheap exercise, both in terms of advertising costs as well as opportunity cost. We can work within your budget and will take care of the advertising, interview process and induction – so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Safety First

We conduct thorough background checks on our workers, and we invest in their success. They arrive on site with an up to date understanding of the latest WHS practices and all appropriate certificates and safety gear.

We Handle Payroll

We provide labour to you on an as-needed basis, and we take care of the payroll and all worker entitlements.

Advanced Group are a leading labour hire provider in Sydney. We have a vast network of suitable candidates ready and willing to work. Our professional approach and deep understanding of the local labour market makes us the ideal alternative to internal recruitment. Take the hassle out of recruitment and get the specialised skills you need – contact us today to discuss your project needs.