Need Workers Fast? How Advanced Group Can Help


Sometimes there just aren’t enough hands on deck, and when you’re pushed for time it can be difficult to seek quality staff at short notice. Sometimes, you may even be tempted to take risks and make rushed hiring decisions with the potential to impact upon your businesses bottom line. We think you would agree that the risk is simply not worth taking, and we are here to provide quality workers at short notice so that you can get on with the task at hand.

Looking for professional, detail-oriented workers who will fit right in with your team? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover all about how to retain temporary staff and how Advanced Group can help your business thrive.

We Only Deliver Quality Staff

Every business has made hiring mistakes in the past. We know what it is like to hire lazy, unmotivated staff who only hold up business proceedings and end up costing your business money. We take the guesswork out of hiring by delivering quality, pre-vetted staff to every one of our valued clients. What does this mean for your business? It means smooth progression, happy clients, reduced expenditure and great workplace morale.

Whilst we deliver the staff, you will need to take a few things into consideration if you want them to perform at their best. Keep in mind that a great worker is invaluable, and you may wish to invite them back for future jobs – so try to treat them well by following these helpful tips.


Treat Them like Full-Time Staff

They may be temporary staff, but they still deserve to feel like they are a part of your team. A staff member who feels comfortable to contribute and connect with their colleagues is likely to perform much better than one who feels like an outsider. Our candidates bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, and they may be able to help you overcome significant challenges. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so give them every chance to succeed within your company.

Ensure Easy Access to Required Tools/Equipment

We supply quality blue and white collar workers, and we also supply much of the equipment needed to perform their duties. However, you should ensure that your temp staff have access to any tools, workspaces and site equipment that your full-time staff also use. This will enable them to go about the task in the most efficient manner, leading to productivity gains for your business.

 Keep in Touch with Us

Nothing pleases us more than seeing our staff excel within their roles. We love it when clients get in touch with us with positive feedback about our candidates. Not only does this provide a boost to the candidate, it also helps us to improve our business. For example we may make a note on your file which will prioritise that particular staff member for any future jobs. Building positive long-term relationships between our labour hire agency, our candidates and our clients is beneficial for all involved – so please feel free to get in touch with any feedback (positive or negative), we’re all ears!

Need Temp Staff? Contact us Today

Advanced Group is a leading recruitment agency servicing Sydney. We have a large pool of experienced construction workers, skilled labourers and white-collar workers keen to prove their worth and help your business meet tight deadlines. No matter what challenge you may be facing, rest assured that we are your trusted partners in labour hire.

Please get in touch with our team today, or submit an enquiry through our website.