Thinking about becoming a tradie? Now’s the time to plan a career change


It is not hard to predict that the job market this year will be the most challenging that we have seen in our lifetimes. If you have lost your job, taken a pay cut or been stood down, know that this is the perfect time to consider a change of career.

Are you looking for a new career in which you’ll earn a great income and obtain skills which are always in demand? Maybe you should consider becoming a tradie?
On average It only takes a few years to qualify as a tradie, and you’ll be earning decent money along the way. In this blog post, Advanced Group will highlight the many benefits of becoming a tradie

Job security – Demand for tradies in Australia continues to rise and construction is one of the top service industries set to boom over the next 5 years. With an ageing workforce and more people choosing to go to university instead of pursuing a trade we are now seeing a huge number of trades listed on the Australian National Skills Needs List.

Little to no debt – whilst university graduates in Australia are estimated to be approximately $20,000 in debt, most tradies complete training with little to no debt.

Strong employment prospects – with skills that are always in demand, you’ll never have to wait long between projects. You also have the opportunity to run your own business which means tendering for your own projects, employing staff to assist on large project and the ability to dictate your own hours.
Beat the Peak Hour Rush – Tradies have some flexibility when it comes to working hours, allowing you to avoid peak hour traffic. As a tradie you will often finish early, with afternoons off to spend time with the family or going to the beach!

Keep Fit – No need for a gym membership, as you’ll be working up a sweat and building muscle in the performance of your duties. You get to spend days outside, working on different sites and doing the things you love.
Earn Great Rates –No matter which trade you qualify in, you can expect to be well remunerated. On average, tradies earn around $60 per hour.

International Job Prospects – If you are working for a company or starting your own construction business, the potential to travel the world is possible. Owing to the international demand for trade skills and services, it is easier for professionals with a certified trade to find a secure position across the globe. An international work visa can have you preparing for travel and employment as a tradie.

Advanced Group are continuing to supply labour and trades on a number of sites that remain open and also placing candidates into some great perm and contract roles. Please complete our registration form if you are looking for work and If we have a position available that is suited to your requirements and experience, we will contact you.