Using labour hire employees – how does this work?


You may be wondering how to go about using labour hire employees, and in this blog post Advanced Group will cover everything you need to know. Using a labour hire agency is a great way to fill gaps in your workforce fast, and when you work with us you can be assured of top-quality talent. If you’re new to labour hire, or if you’re looking to try a new tactic with the help of one of Sydney’s top labour hire agencies, look no further than Advanced Group. Here’s how the process of using labour hire employees works.

The Resourcing Process

Advanced Group are constantly on the lookout for high-quality candidates; people who have proven ability, experience and dedication to their role. The construction industry is particularly dynamic with a wide range of trades required, and there is always a high-demand for strong talent. Even when we don’t have a role to fill, we’re constantly scouring the country for new candidates who must undergo rigorous checks before being registered on our database. This means your business has a strong chance of finding suitable staff at short notice, enabling you to meet tight deadlines with ease.
When you contact us, we’ll ask you about the role you would like to fill and your ideal candidate. Our team will then get to work finding the right candidate for your needs. Our process encompasses the following:

Job spec provided by client

You’ll firstly need to clarify what you need from a candidate. You can start by thinking about what sort of qualifications, experience and tickets they need to hold. Once this is established, forward a job spec to us and we’ll take over the process.
Shortlisting of Candidates

We consult our database and choose appropriate candidates to progress to the next stage.

The most suitable candidates are placed on a shortlist

We hold interviews to determine shortlisted candidates’ interest in the role, ability to perform at a high-level and how they would fit within your workplace culture. If you wish, we can also arrange for you to meet the candidate.

Reference check

Reference checks are undertaken to clarify experience and past performance, giving both us and your business confidence in their ability to perform the role. We will also provide you with their resume so that you can make your own assessment.
Position Confirmed

Once all the above checks have been done, the candidate is now eligible to accept the role and commence work.

Post Placement

Following successful hire, Advanced Group will keep in touch with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our labour managers perform regular visits to check up on performance, client satisfaction and rectify any issues which may arise. It is important that all employees meet their obligations, this means turning up on time, demonstrating competency in the role and abiding by workplace regulations.
We understand that every project and client is different, but we strive to only provide the best people for your worksite. We welcome all feedback and aim to exceed all expectations, so if you have any concerns about the staff we provide please get in touch with us. Over the years we have formed long standing relationships with white and blue collar companies around Australia, and we would welcome the opportunity to serve as your labour hire agency of choice.
What if I am not happy with the candidate?

In rare situations where you are not happy with the candidate we have provided, simply let us know and we’ll find a replacement. This provides you with total peace of mind. If on the other hand you are completely happy with our candidate, you can ask us to make a note on your file. This will enable you to maintain a long-term working relationship and negate the need for time consuming and costly hiring practices.

No Stress, No Hassle – Advanced Group Make Hiring Easy

Skip the traditional hiring methods and entrust the recruitment specialists at Advanced Group. We make hiring quality staff simple by providing highly experienced, capable staff for projects big and small. If you’ve been considering using a labour hire agency, look no further – contact us today on 1800 621 066 to start the process. We look forward to working with you soon.