What is Labour Hire? How Does it Work and What are its Benefits?


What is labour hire? Sometimes when employers are looking for new staff the process of advertising, reading resumes and interviewing applicants is very expensive and time consuming. When this is the case, companies with job vacancies can employ the services of a labour hire organization to assist them in their search for the right candidate. Labour hire professionals take the effort out of the recruitment process. They advertise job availabilities, form a pool of applicants and interview those with the best training, skills and experience before making recommendations to the client about who to hire.

What is Labour Hire?

Essentially, labour hire is a contract between a business and a recruitment agency. The business outsources their workers via the agency, which serves to connect available workers with a corresponding position. Potential employees apply via the recruitment agency which sorts through applications and acts as an independent third party to match the best candidates with the job on offer.

The process is useful because of the dynamic needs of construction businesses who work on a project to project basis. The dynamic nature of the construction industry means during one period less workers will be needed than at a later period, during which more workers will be needed. The process works based on the principles of recruitment and selection. A labour hire recruiter will advertise a position and then recruit: interview and keep the details of the best applicants on file. Then, when jobs that require specialist skills become available, the recruiter can simply draw from the bank of applicants and select the right people for the job.

The Benefits of Labour Hire

The labour hire process materialises great benefit for three primary parties: the employer, the workers and the talent agency. The benefits of recruitment agreements are equally distributed. The employer benefits by reducing major costs and time required by the traditional recruitment process. Employers also benefit by having the best applicants selected to work on their team. This latter point is especially relevant when using agencies with experience, like Advanced Group Services.

Workers are benefited by the position they attain. Workers may also gain valuable training and networking opportunities with other industry professionals as they start in their new role. Workers can learn skills and gain industry knowledge from their workmates regarding different work cultures and practices.

And, of course, the agency benefits by charging a fee for the recruitment service they provide. Over time, individual recruiters gain a pool of applicants they can draw from for future opportunities and work towards exceeding their recruitment targets. Labour hire arrangements are utilitarian in nature.

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