7 Key Qualities of a Skilled Construction Worker


The construction industry is booming in Sydney, and employers need to be certain that their workers are the best of the best. If you want your business to stand out amongst the crowd and delight your clients, you’ll need to keep an eye out for a few key qualities amongst your employees.

Don’t risk making the wrong decision and having to replace and re-hire. Advanced Group have put together a list of the top 7 qualities to look for so that your business can succeed. Whether you’re an employer or a skilled construction worker currently searching for a job, you are sure to find this blog post useful.


  1. Time Management

With deadlines to be met, you need to be confident that your staff have excellent time management skills. Construction sites will invariably experience delays due to changing deadlines, budget issues and availability of resources – but workers who arrive late will only exacerbate the issue.

A great worker maintains awareness of deadlines and arrives on time, every time. The last thing you want is to experience a significant delay with your project due to poor time management from your employees, as this results in unhappy clients and the need to waste time and money finding replacement employees.

  1. Team Work

Many hands make light work, and it’s important that your employees can work as part of a team. Employees who work effectively within a team will achieve great results and increase morale for everyone working on the project.

Teamwork results in more efficient practices as well as better safety outcomes, as everyone will be keeping an eye out for one another. If you experience a set-back on site, your team will be standing by ready to roll up their sleeves and render assistance.

An effective team will also allow your company to take on extra work with the confidence that you will be able to deliver a great result. It will reduce the need for additional hires, allowing your business to generate extra revenue and remain fully focussed on the task at hand.

Construction workers will need to work with a wide variety of different trades and people at different levels ranging from labourers through to senior managers. You should also make sure that your workers can be trusted to work remotely if required.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication is key if you wish to meet deadlines, ensure quality work and improve site safety. Every member of your team should have a strong understanding of English and how to competently and respectfully interact with others.

Site workers should feel free to voice their opinion at any time. An open line of communication will allow any issues to be fixed before they get out of hand, and it will also increase workplace satisfaction and trust.

  1. Industry Experience and Skills

A good construction worker has demonstrated experience in a variety of projects and keeps abreast of industry news and developments. They need not be experts, but a good general/all-round knowledge should be evident. They should also have in depth knowledge of their chosen trade.

Construction work requires the use of power tools and machinery, so a good working knowledge and experience with these tools is essential.

Construction projects require different materials including cement, glass, electrical wires and much more. Your workers should have experience with a wide range of materials.

  1. Safety First

Remember, safety is of critical importance and corners should never be cut. Make sure that every team member knows how to use power tools in accordance with best practice. Good construction workers look out for the safety of not only themselves but also other workers on the site.

  1. Problem Solving

Issues can arise at any moment, and a good construction worker will deal with them calmly and rationally. Strong problem-solving skills are a must on any work site, and those with this skill will be able to perform tasks more efficiently and require minimal supervision.

  1. Attention to detail

Construction projects require attention to detail if they are to stand the test of time. A good construction worker takes pride in their work, always aiming to deliver great results and operating with precision and accuracy always.

Everyone has a skill to offer, from specialist knowledge and experience with certain materials through to a strong understanding of engineer’s drawings and much more. Workers with a keen eye for detail are an asset as they will minimise the risk of mistakes and ensure the job is done to a high standard.

The ability to interpret blueprints is an important skill for any construction site, and this requires excellent analytical, reading and mathematical skills.

Care should also be taken to ensure that hazards are removed as soon as they are noticed. Instead of turning a blind eye, workers should take a proactive approach that will protect the safety of the team.


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