What are Skilled Workers and how do They Help?


In intense occasions, for example, the coronavirus pandemic we’re confronting at this moment, it’s not unexpected to try to understand the…

Where to learn and upskill during the Coronavirus crisis


Are you one of many Australians finding with the increased need to stay home during the COVID-19 crisis, that you are…

Using labour hire employees – how does this work?

You may be wondering how to go about using labour hire employees, and in this blog post Advanced Group will cover...

Meet The Newest Member Of The Team


We’re delighted to introduce you to the newest member of our team – Anthony McCullagh.

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency in the Construction Industry


Finding skilled workers is an onerous experience which is both time consuming and resource intensive. The construction industry increasingly relies upon…

Money Savings Tips for 2020


2020 is upon us, and January is the ideal time to start organising your finances. Perhaps you’ve overindulged during the festive…

Infrastructure update – Government invests $93 billion into Infrastructure


It’s an exciting time for the construction industry in NSW, with the NSW Government having committed $93 billion which will go…

The Benefits of Having a Skilled Workforce


Skilled workers are an asset for any business as they play a large role in developing a business’s reputation and ongoing…

Keeping Staff Motivation High – Our Top Tips


It’s never easy finding great staff who excel within their roles and perform at a consistently high level, but by adopting…

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